Friday, April 20, 2007

Pg. 69: L.C. Hayden's "Why Casey Had to Die"

Today's entry at the Page 69 Test: L.C. Hayden's Why Casey Had to Die.

About the book, from the publisher:
Casey Secrist, a college student, is murdered. Her boyfriend is found guilty. Twenty years later, Detective Harry Bronson, who originally worked on the case, once again becomes involved. It begins when Bronson is hired to be a consultant for a mystery convention in Arizona. The attendees are supposed to solve a make-believe murder. Much to Bronson's surprise, the fictitious murder parallels Casey's death. Bronson investigates who perpetrated the charade and why. In so doing, he confronts the conference organizer, L'ee (pronounced el-ee) Chalmers who has no idea what's going on. Bronson's investigation leads him to Tom and Marie O'Day who seem to know more than they're saying. There's also the mysterious strangers Trent Powers and Norman Childes. Another suspect, Katherine Shepard, stirs trouble and someone named Sam stalks Bronson. When Trent Powers turns up dead, Bronson knows that someone is willing to kill again to keep the past hidden.
Among the early praise for the novel:
"A retired cop, a cold case, and murder at a convention honoring Dorothy L. Sayers. Entertainment guaranteed. What more could a mystery fan ask for?"
--Bill Crider

"Why Casey Had to Die fits squarely into the mystery book genre, plot- and character-wise. Bronson fits the image of "hard-boiled" detective so commonly found in mystery books, yet he is so much more than that, largely because of his interaction with his wife. And his wife is a delight, both what you would expect and what you wouldn't expect - kind of like Harry Bronson himself. I was surprised by the ending and the book kept me up late one night just so I could finish it. In my life, that's always the sign of a good read."
--Jessica Powers

"Look out Nora Roberts, here comes L.C. Hayden. Why Casey Had to Die is a twisted, roller coaster murder mystery ride that will take you over the river and through the woods before the reader ever understands who's going down and why. Five stars."
--Lillian Cauldwell

"Who is Harry Bronson? He likes to ask questions but very rarely answers them. He likes his coffee and loves his wife, Carol. If you haven't read What Others Know, do yourself a favor. Read it first. Upon completion, you will need to know Why Casey Had to Die.... As I read this mystery, I did not want to stop and knew that if the phone rang, I would not answer it. I wanted no interruptions. It has been a long time I have been this invested in such a well-crafted book; I literally could not put it down. I await the next Harry Bronson installment."
--Carla Johnson
Check out the author's website to learn more about Why Casey Had To Die and to read an excerpt.

The Page 69 Test: Why Casey Had to Die.

--Marshal Zeringue