Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Heaven's Delight," the movie

The latest feature at "My Book, The Movie"-- Niraj Kapur's Heaven's Delight.

The story, from the author:
Set in Heaven, Hell and the UK, Heaven's Delight is the story of Beth, a cynical, self-centred angel who God sends back to earth to atone for her past sins. She has six days to help bring together four couples, to learn the real values of love, friendship and honour. If she succeeds, she can return to her old life on earth. If she fails, she will be condemned to an eternity in hell.

Matters are further complicated when she falls madly in love with Chris and has to hide her true identity from him, while the devil and his demons do everything possible to keep them apart.
So who would the author entrust to present his story on the big screen? Read on to find out.

Heaven's Delight at "My Book, The Movie" and at "The Page 69 Test."

--Marshal Zeringue