Friday, March 01, 2024

What is Wendy Church reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Wendy Church, author of Knife Skills and Murder Beyond the Pale.

Her entry begins:
When I'm in the middle of a project I limit my reading to primarily nonfiction (as part of book research), and these days it seems like I'm constantly in the middle of a project! But I always make time for the latest from Val McDermid, and am very excited to finally get my copy of Past Lying, the latest Karen Pirie novel. For some reason I've gravitated towards more UK and Irish crime fiction over the last few years, and also try to make time for Dervla McTiernan's Comac Reilly books, or Brian McGilloway's Lucy Black series. Anyone who's read my books knows...[read on]
About Knife Skills, from the publisher:
Sagarine Pfister is a great cook but has been blacklisted by almost every restaurant in Chicago. She gets her chance at Louie's, a below-average restaurant, the only place that will give her a job.

Things change when she finds head chef Louie Ferrar dead in the walk-in freezer of his restaurant. But instead of closing the place down, the owner, Russian gang boss Anatoly Morzov, not only offers her Louie's job, but also the position as his personal chef. Sagarine agrees, and while she knows she's playing with fire, the chance to turn out extraordinary food at both the restaurant and for Morzov's extravagant private parties is just too tempting.

While the Chicago P.D. searches for Louie's killer, the FBI pressures Sagarine to inform on the gang. She has no choice, but things take another dangerous turn when she falls for one of Morzov's lieutenants. As Sagarine becomes more deeply involved with the gang and with her lover, the FBI's demands put her at increased risk of discovery. She has to make a decision about where her loyalties lie as she finds herself running for her life.
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