Sunday, March 31, 2024

Ten top works of historical fiction

At Vogue Mia Barzilay Freund tagged ten "of the best historical fiction books of the last several decades," including:
Funny Girl by Nick Hornby

Brisk and engaging, this 2014 novel invites readers to the set of a popular sitcom in 1960s London. Hometown beauty queen Barbara Parker is plucked from obscurity and rebranded as Sophie Straw, the star of the BBC’s latest hit comedy. Hoping to channel her hero Lucille Ball, Sophie navigates newfound funny-girl fame with an amusing group: two bantering TV writers, an admiring producer, and a self-absorbed costar. With humor and sensitivity, Hornby brings out the color and chaos of TV comedy and the unusual people it throws together.
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Funny Girl is among Brian Boone's five favorite literary crushes.

--Marshal Zeringue