Saturday, March 23, 2024

Four mysteries & thrillers that show the power of siblings

Margot Douaihy is the author of the lyrical crime novel Scorched Grace, which was named a Best Crime Novel of 2023 by The New York Times, The Guardian, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, CrimeReads, and BookPage, and one of the most anticipated crime books of the year by THEM and LGBTQ Reads. The second book in the Sister Holiday Mystery series, Blessed Water, was named a most anticipated crime book by BookRiot and Apple Books. She is also the author of Bandit/Queen: The Runaway Story of Belle Starr, a true-crime poetry project, and Scranton Lace, a documentary poetry collection about a lace factory.

At CrimeReads Douaihy tagged "four novels [that] show us how sibling relationships can be much more than backdrops or backstories in crime fiction, supercharging narratives with primal terror and emotional range." One title on the list:
Like a Sister

Kellye Garrett’s Like a Sister is a gold-standard. This sensational mystery rages with wisdom, heart, wit, exceptional plotting, and urgency. The novel is centered around Lena Scott’s quest to unearth the truth of the awful death of her half-sister’s death, Desiree Pierce, a reality TV star who was found dead in a playground. Garrett brilliantly juxtaposes Lena’s personal quest with a broader commentary on media’s insidiousness, race, and societal occlusions, crafting a narrative that’s as exigent and alert as it is gripping. The sibling dynamic here is the guiding force that drives the story through grief, deception, and injustice. It’s electrified by the spirit of women bound by blood and driven by a hunt for truth. Like a Sister defines the contemporary mystery canon; it is a must-read for every crime fiction fan.
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--Marshal Zeringue