Monday, June 20, 2022

Mary Anna Evans's "The Physicists’ Daughter," the movie

Featured at My Book, The Movie: The Physicists' Daughter: A Novel by Mary Anna Evans.

Set in WWII-era New Orleans, the book introduces Justine Byrne, whom Evans describes as “a little bit Rosie-the-Riveter and a little bit Bletchley Park codebreaker.” When Justine, the daughter of two physicists who taught her things girls weren’t expected to know in 1944, realizes that her boss isn’t telling her the truth about the work she does in her factory job, she draws on the legacy of her unconventional upbringing to keep her division running and protect her coworkers, her country, and herself from a war that is suddenly very close to home.

The entry begins:
Justine Byrne

Either Saoirse Ronan or Anya Taylor-Joy would bring the right mix of intellect and individualism. Like Justine, they are beautiful, but in their own striking way that doesn’t depend on wearing trendy makeup and the “right” clothes. They look like themselves.

Georgette Broussard

I think Florence Pugh would have a lot of fun with Georgette’s Cajun accent and her bold physicality.


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