Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Coffee with a canine: Davida Breier & Alex George, Vera, and Javier

Featured at Coffee with a Canine: Davida Breier & Alex George, Vera, and Javier.

The author, on how she and the dogs were united:
My then 8yo son and mother went to the county shelter in 2014. He noticed a small, terrified dog. He said he knew the dog needed more help than the friendly dog in the cage next door. They brought Alex George home that day.

Javier was adopted from Doodle Dogs Rescue in the spring of 2017. He had been in a high-kill shelter in the south and was part of a rescue network that pulls dogs from shelters, fosters, and finds homes. We had no idea how old he was then but guessed at around 10-12. He was missing most of his teeth and part of his jaw due to dental neglect.

Vera was adopted from the same rescue in the fall of 2017. She had been a stray in rural Texas and needed...[read on]
About Breier's new novel, Sinkhole:
Humidity, lovebugs, and murder.

Lies from the past and a dangerous present collide when, after fifteen years in exile, Michelle Miller returns to her tiny hometown of Lorida, Florida. With her mother in the hospital, she's forced to reckon with the broken relationships she left behind: with her family, with friends, and with herself.

As a teenager, Michelle felt isolated and invisible until she met Sissy, a dynamic and wealthy classmate. Their sudden, intense friendship was all-consuming. Punk rocker Morrison later joins their clique, and they become an inseparable trio. They were the perfect high school friends, bound by dysfunction, bad TV, and boredom—until one of them ends up dead.

Forced to confront the life she turned her back on fifteen years ago, she begins questioning what was truth and what were lies. Now at a distance, Michelle begins to see how dangerous Sissy truly was.

An ingenious debut from editor and publisher Davida Breier, Sinkhole is a mesmerizing, darkly comic coming-of-age novel immersed in 1980s central Florida. A disturbing and skillful exploration of home, friendship, selfhood, and grief set amidst golf courses, mobile homes, and alligators.
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Coffee with a Canine: Davida Breier & Alex George, Vera, and Javier.

--Marshal Zeringue