Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Ten top Earth Day titles

Green That Life founder Sara Goddard came up with ten Earth Day books that inspire and inform, including:
What We Know about Climate Change, by Kerry Emanuel

If you’re looking for answers to the basics of climate science, then add this book to your pile of Earth Day books. This recently updated edition of What We Know about Climate Change by Kerry Emanuel is a straightforward, honest account of how human actions have contributed to global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.

Emmanuel sticks to the facts of our changing planet, focusing on the rapid transformations that have occurred since the 1970s due to human activity. The updated edition includes the latest climate data, a discussion of the earth’s carbon cycle, the warming hiatus of the first decade of this century, the 2017 hurricanes, advanced energy options, and more.

Emmanuel also addresses the impediments to climate action and progress, calling out climate deniers, politicians, corporations, and the media for trivializing the climate crisis. John Platt at The Revelator writes that What We Know about Climate Change “offers a concise explanation about what’s going on with global warming and how we can turn the tide.”
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--Marshal Zeringue