Sunday, April 18, 2021

Eight top books about modern dating

Katherine Heiny is the author of Single, Carefree Mellow, a collection of short stories, and the novels Standard Deviation and Early Morning Riser.

At Lit Hub she tagged eight favorite books about modern dating, including:
Stephen McCauley, My Ex-Life

McCauley often writes about the complicated domestic (and emotional) arrangements of gay men and straight women, and his most recent book also includes college essay-writing, throw pillows, and a delightful amount of real estate. “It was one thing to hate someone for falling out of love with you, but another to attempt to turn it into an economic windfall,” thinks the main character. This novel is so charming and funny that it’s seriously addictive—I let out an animal howl of pain when it was over.
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My Ex-Life is among Andrea Peskind Katz's five fiction books that revolve around money.

The Page 69 Test: My Ex-Life.

My Book, The Movie: My Ex-Life.

--Marshal Zeringue