Friday, May 31, 2019

What is Clark Thomas Carlton reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Clark Thomas Carlton, author of The Prophet of the Termite God: Book Two of the Antasy Series.

His entry begins:
I’m absorbed by T.C. Boyle’s Outside Looking In, a novel about the early days of LSD. It begins with its synthesis in Switzerland by Albert Hoffman and then its passionate embrace by Timothy Leary and his psychonauts in Zihuatanejo and Millbrook when Kennedy was president. These men, women and their children were the proto-hippies who lived communally, practiced “free love” and believed their experiences with acid and other hallucinogens were explorations as important as those of Columbus or Vasco da Gama. Midway through the book, the psychonauts are still considering whether acid is an entheogen: a piece of God’s own flesh that allows Him to be experienced directly after...[read on]
About The Prophet of the Termite God, from the publisher:
The powerful Antasy saga continues with The Prophet of the Termite God!

Once an outcast, Pleckoo has risen to Prophet-Commander of the Hulkrish army. But a million warriors and their ghost ants were not enough to defeat his cousin, Anand the Roach Boy, the tamer of night wasps and founder of Bee-Jor. Now Pleckoo is hunted by the army that once revered him. Yet in all his despair, Pleckoo receives prophecies from his termite god, assuring him he will kill Anand to rule the Sand, and establish the One True Religion.

And war is not yet over.

Now, Anand and Bee-Jor face an eastern threat from the Mad Emperor of the Barley People, intent on retaking stolen lands from a vulnerable and chaotic nation. And on the southern Weedlands, thousands of refugees clamor for food and safety and their own place in Bee-Jor. But the greatest threats to the new country come from within, where an embittered nobility and a disgraced priesthood plot to destroy Anand … then reunite the Lost Country with the Once Great and Holy Slope.

Can the boy who worked in the dung heap rise above the turmoil, survive his assassins, and prevent the massacre of millions?
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