Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Six of the most memorable bad dates in literature

Wendy Walker is the author of the national and international bestseller All is Not Forgotten and Emma In The Night. Her latest work is The Night Before. At CrimeReads she enlisted some writer friends to come up with their favorite stories of love gone wrong. AF Brady's pick:
The Good Girl, by Mary Kubica

In another woman-meets-stranger scenario, Mary Kubica turns the theme on its head more than once in this blockbuster bestseller. Told from multiple perspectives, the novel finds Mia Dennett, the daughter of a prominent Chicago judge, kidnapped by a man she picked up at a bar. This enigmatic stranger, and kidnapper for hire, betrays his employers and takes Mia for himself. Mia’s distraught parents search for her with the help of a charming detective, who grows close to Mia’s socialite mother as the story unfolds. Meanwhile, even stranger things begin to develop between Mia and her captor in the remote cabin where they’re holed up. The theme of love, and love’s deception, is front and center in every delicious thread of Kubica’s heart-pounding thriller. A great pick by AF Brady.
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--Marshal Zeringue