Sunday, May 19, 2019

Seven books to make you wonder if your best friend is a murderer

S. R. Masters is originally from the West Midlands in the UK. His debut novel is a coming-of-age murder mystery, The Killer You Know, about a group of childhood friends returning home for a reunion only to discover the friend that joked about being a serial killer when he grew up might actually have become one.

At CrimeReads Masters tagged seven thrillers that capture some of the darker aspects of tight-knit friendship groups. One title on the list:
Dare Me, by Megan Abbott

While you can choose your friends, that choice can often be limited by your situation—especially when you are young. Dare Me is a haunting and immersive tale about a very particular group of friends: a high school cheerleading squad. Tense and tight and driven by character, this book follows one squad’s finely balanced dynamic being thrown by the arrival of a new coach. It bottles the intense seriousness and claustrophobia of being young perfectly.
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--Marshal Zeringue