Thursday, May 23, 2019

Ten top books about angry women

Katie Lowe is a writer living in Worcester, UK, whose debut novel The Furies is set to be published by Harperfiction (UK), St Martin's Press (US) and eight other territories worldwide.

A graduate of the University of Birmingham, Lowe has a BA(Hons) in English and an MPhil in Literature & Modernity. She is set to return to Birmingham in 2019 to complete a PhD in English Literature, with her thesis on female rage in literary modernism and the #MeToo era.

At the Guardian Lowe tagged ten favorite books about angry women, including:
Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff

A novel of two halves. The first is the story of a marriage from the perspective of Lotto, the husband – a failed actor turned playwright, generally beloved despite his flaws. The second, though, is the same marriage seen through the eyes of his wife, Mathilde: the “strong woman” behind the “great” man, who positively seethes with rage as she quietly manipulates both Lotto and the people around him to ensure their success. It’s a quiet, subtle anger, made stunning by Groff’s elegant, lyrical prose.
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Fates and Furies is among Jeff Somers's ten novels that teach you something about marriage and six of President Obama's favorite books.

--Marshal Zeringue