Monday, May 20, 2019

Six top fantasy series for fans of "Game of Thrones"

Emily Temple is a senior editor at Lit Hub. Her first novel, The Lightness, will be published by William Morrow in 2020. At LitHub she tagged six epic fantasy series for fans of Game of Thrones, including:
Fonda Lee, the Green Bone Saga

But maybe a backlist of 40 books is a little intimidating, and you’d rather get into a series on the ground floor. In that case, get on board with Fonda Lee’s Jade City, the first book in her Green Bone Saga, which won the 2018 World Fantasy Award for Best Novel. Again, you’ve got contentious siblings, rival clans, and a bustling city that everyone wants to control. But those who need quasi-medieval settings for their epic fantasy should look elsewhere—Lee’s world is refreshing in its modernity. (Don’t worry, there is still lots of magic and also revenge killings.) The second book in the series, Jade War, is coming out this summer, so once you finish, you’ll only have a few short weeks of yearning before you get your sequel fix.
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Jade City is among R.F. Kuang's five top East Asian SFF novels by East Asian authors.

The Page 69 Test: Jade City.

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