Wednesday, September 26, 2018

What is Jacob Stone reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Jacob Stone, author of Cruel: A Morris Brick Thriller #4.

His entry begins:
For some inexplicable reason I had never read Philip Roth, and with him passing away I decided I needed to rectify that. First up was his first Nathan Zuckerman novel, The Ghost Writer. The books starts off following an expected path as Nathan visits his idol, E. I. Lonoff. Even though there are no surprises during the first 2/3rds of the book, there are some laugh-out-loud moments and some truly inspired mixing of fact and fiction. But then there is a brilliantly audacious turn when Nathan starts imagining his own truth about Amy Bellette, Lonoff's young former student. Or is it something more than his imagination. Has he uncovered the shocking truth about her? Anyway, the book left me in awe of Mr. Roth’s literary skills, so...[read on]
About Cruel, from the publisher:
“17.” L.A. detective Morris Brick knows the number all too well. It was the gruesome signature the Nightmare Man left next to his victims’ bodies. Brick’s father was the first to investigate the killings. Five women were butchered before the perpetrator vanished. Seventeen years later he resurfaced—to kill again in the same depraved ways. Now another seventeen years have passed. Brick knows in his gut that it’s time for the Nightmare Man to reawaken. But even Brick can’t imagine the madman’s true agenda. Or just how terrifying the sleepless nights are going to get in the City of Angels...
Jacob Stone is the byline chosen by award-winning author Dave Zeltserman for his Morris Brick series of serial-killer thrillers. Visit Zeltserman's website.

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