Saturday, September 08, 2018

Five SFF planets that definitely want to kill you

At the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog Joel Cunningham tagged five favorite invented locations that don’t plan to let you leave, including:
Future Earth (Smoke Eaters, by Sean Grigsby)

The setting of Sean Grigsby’s Smoke Eaters is a future Earth in which dragons emerge from the ground to terrorize humans. Since there are no armored knights left to save us from this peril, (not even Iron Man), Grigsby has two lines of defense against these gigantic menaces. The first is a typical brigade composed of dutiful and skilled firefighters. The second is a group of people whose bodies have been transformed to withstand extreme temperatures and thick smoke. These ‘smoke eaters’ haven’t quite earned the respect of the people they’re saving from dragon attacks, but they plunge headfirst into danger anyway. This is also a world in which people killed by dragons become wraiths—ghostlike apparitions that terrorize first responders and haunt the ruins of their past lives. Personally, I’d probably just move to Canada.
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--Marshal Zeringue