Thursday, September 20, 2018

Eight suspense novels that use social media to ratchet up the tension

At CrimeReads T.M. Logan tagged eight thrillers that use social media to ratchet up the tension, including:
Close to Home by Cara Hunter

Every major police investigation now seems to attract an army of armchair detectives and instant experts, opining on social media about the guilt of suspects and the perceived failures of the police. Close to Home ingeniously incorporates that noisy buzz of opinion into the narrative, the story of a kidnapping investigation interspersed with tweets as (mostly ill-informed) members of the public alternately vent at the police and hurl accusations at everyone involved. Cara Hunter expertly builds up the pressure as her troubled protagonist DI Adam Fawley strives to bring eight-year-old Daisy Mason back to her family.
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--Marshal Zeringue