Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Top 10 fiction books of 2015: TIME Magazine

One of Time magazine's top ten fiction books of 2015:
Fates & Furies, Lauren Groff

On the face of it, Lauren Groff’s novel doesn’t seem revolutionary: it’s the story of a marriage told in two halves, one for each spouse. But Fates and Furies is less “he said, she said” than “he said, she said, and whoa, he had no f—ing idea.” The cataclysmic unknown unknowns that separate Lotto and Mathilde, a golden couple who marry young and flourish through Lotto’s success as a playwright, simultaneously explode and reinforce the notion of soul mates—to hide so much for so long, to such striking effect, takes a peculiar kind of dedication. If the plot occasionally strains credibility (couples’ counseling might have done wonders), that doesn’t detract from Groff’s searing exploration of how far a person will go for love, loyalty and revenge.
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Fates & Furies is among Jeff Somers's five top novels about marriage.

--Marshal Zeringue