Sunday, December 06, 2015

The top five spoiled suppers in fiction

At the Guardian, Charlotte Seager tagged the top five spoiled suppers in literature, including:
The red wedding in A Storm of Swords by George RR Martin

This meal has earned a reputation as one of the most shocking and bloody in fiction. As the house of Frey seek to avenge Robb Stark’s broken promise to marry Lord Walder’s daughter, Edmure Tully’s wedding meal is destroyed as Catelyn Stark watches the merciless slaughter of her family. Her son Robb’s death, as he is skewered by arrows, is particularly bitter, his screams “swallowed by the pipes and horns and fiddles”. Catelyn’s own death is equally agonising – “she watched the blood run down her long fingers, over her wrists, beneath the sleeves of her gown” – but her last thoughts are of her family as the curtain falls on one of the most harrowing banquets in literature.
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--Marshal Zeringue