Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ten top novels set in the past and the present

Rhian Ivory's latest novel is The Boy who Drew the Future. One of her ten favorite novels set in the past and the present, as shared at the Guardian:
Darkmere by Helen Maslin

My twitter feed has been buzzing with positivity about this book and now I’ve read it I can see why. Curses, tunnels, towers and castles all feature in this gothic dual narrative told in alternating chapters by Katy in the present day and Elinor in the past. Maslin leads the reader back and forth in time weaving a web of clues to follow, luring us into the history of the castle in the 19th century as the events of the past seep into the lives of Katy, Leo and the rest of the gang in the present. Reminiscent of the iconic Rebecca in places, fans of Du Maurier will enjoy Darkmere very much.
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--Marshal Zeringue