Thursday, December 10, 2015

Five top novels about marriage

Jeff Somers is the author of Lifers, the Avery Cates series from Orbit Books, Chum from Tyrus Books, and We Are Not Good People from Pocket/Gallery. He has published over thirty short stories as well. One of Somers's five fascinating novels about marriage, as shared at B & N Reads:
Fates and Furies, by Lauren Groff

Groff’s remarkable new novel focuses solely on the relationship between Lancelot (nicknamed Lotto) Satterwhite and his wife, Mathilde Yoder. The book is divided into two sections; the first tells the tale of their relationship from Lotto’s bright and superficial point of view, the second from Mathilde’s darker and more manipulative one. Groff deftly depicts the true nature of marriage: a partnership, with each spouse providing something the other lacks, supporting each other in the places they are weak, and often knowing the other person better than they know themselves. With Lotto’s opening section providing the puzzles and Mathilde’s the solutions, Fates and Furies is an engrossing look at an intimate relationship.
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--Marshal Zeringue