Sunday, December 06, 2015

Seven books to help you cope with heartbreak

At SheKnows, Phoebe Fox tagged seven books to help you cope with a broken heart, including:
Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid

If you’re curled up in a tight little ball of self-recrimination and doubt after your breakup, wondering what you could have done differently, then grab Reid’s imaginative, whimsical third novel.

When Hannah Martin runs across an old flame on the heels of a disastrous breakup, she faces a seemingly minor decision: Go home with him that night, or not? Hannah chooses both, and Reid cleverly bifurcates the book from that point into two very different paths that result, Sliding Doors style. But in Reid’s original take on the concept, there’s no “right” decision. We make the choices we make in each moment, and while even the smallest one may butterfly-effect into major consequences, Maybe in Another Life ingeniously shows how happiness lies not in the path we’re on, but what we make of it as we’re walking.

A compulsively readable, relatable story of love, friendship and family, Reid’s engaging novel suggests that happiness is the ultimate choice. Her book leaves you feeling that no matter how dark the sky may seem now, the sun may burst out from just behind the next cloud.
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--Marshal Zeringue