Monday, November 02, 2015

Five unforgettable fictional characters with dirty jobs

At B & N Reads Jenny Shank tagged five unforgettable fictional characters with dirty jobs, including:
Fobbit, by David Abrams

David Abrams’ sharp, tragicomic 2012 debut takes readers into the world of fobbits, the slang term for U.S. Army members stationed at a Forward Operating Base. “They were Fobbits because, at the core, they were nothing but marshmallow. Crack open their chests and in the space where their hearts should be beating with a warrior’s courage and selfless regard, you’d find a pale gooey center,” Abrams writes. Gooey-centered fobbits such as Chance Gooding, working in his cubicle in Saddam Hussein’s former palace, have the dirty job of crafting doublespeak press releases to explain away dire events during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
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Fobbit is among Jesse Goolsby's top fifteen books about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Joel Cunningham's seven sharpest modern satires.

The Page 69 Test: Fobbit.

--Marshal Zeringue