Thursday, November 26, 2015

Five of your great-grandma’s best dirty books

Amy Stewart's latest book is the novel, Girl Waits with Gun. One of her top five lurid novels about innocent girls led astray from early in the last century, as shared at The Daily Beast:
Little Lost Sister by Virginia Brooks (1914)

“A Serpent Whispers and a Woman Listens,” warns the title of Chapter V. Poor Elsie is promised a life on the stage, only to be led to ruin.

“‘Cabarets?’ The girl’s interest was aroused. ‘What’s a cabaret?’

“‘A cabaret,’ said Druce, ‘is a restaurant where ladies and gentlemen dine. A fine great hall, polished floors, rugs, palms, a lot of little tables, colored lights, flowers, silver, cut glass, perfumes, a grand orchestra—get that in your mind—and then the orchestra strikes up and you come down the aisle, right through the crowd, and sing to them.’

“‘Oh, I’d love to do that,’ said the girl.”
Read about another entry on the list.

--Marshal Zeringue