Sunday, November 08, 2015

Five haunted house novels you probably have not read

Christopher Golden's latest novel is Dead Ringers. At he tagged five haunted house novels you may not have read, including:
WILD FELL (2013) by Michael Rowe

It’s very difficult for today’s writers to create an effective haunted house novel without finding some way to twist it, either through humor or through the lens of technology. Any author attempting a haunted house novel in the classic tradition needs the skill and talent to weave a dreamlike sense of terror with compelling characters and, most importantly, a sense of place that is both unique and tangible, not to mention full of dread. Michael Rowe is up to the task in Wild Fell, in which a man fleeing his life in search of a new one purchases the summer house on Blackmore Island in a deal which feels to him like destiny. The whole affair is a modern exercise in classic gothic storytelling, and well worth your time.
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--Marshal Zeringue