Thursday, November 05, 2015

What is Charlie Price reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Charlie Price, author of Dead Investigation.

His entry begins:
I usually keep a dense non-fiction going and read it a chapter at a time so I can better incorporate the content. If I don’t remember tomorrow what I read today, I reread the same chapter. I’m currently on The Organized Mind by Daniel Levitin. His neuroscience gives me usable guidelines for managing the growing amount of information I attempt to juggle. Since working on psych locked units I’ve studied brain research looking for a better understanding of memory and inspiration. It’s particularly reassuring to me that brains were developed to solve mysteries and that, as an organ, it has evolved hidden but effective ways of operating. Just before Levitin...[read on]
About Dead Investigation, from the publisher:
In this standalone follow-up to an Edgar winner's acclaimed debut novel, Murray Kiefer is a boy who lives in a cemetery and can talk with those buried beneath the tombstones. He'd rather no one knew, but word got out once he helped solve a fellow student's murder. Now people think he's nuts, or want to use his ability for their own ends, or don't care that he might not want to get tangled in another police investigation all over again. But there's been a brutal killing--maybe more than one--and Murray may be able to help unravel the crime, although not without risking his own life, and those of the only friends he has.
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My Book, The Movie: Dead Investigation.

Writers Read: Charlie Price.

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