Monday, November 23, 2015

What is Elizabeth Lee reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Elizabeth Lee, author of Nuts and Buried.

Her entry begins:
What am I reading? Well, mostly my own work since I’m under a couple of deadline constraints. But ... when my brain’s worn out and I can’t write another word I’m turning to M Train by Patti Smith. The book is like watching Seinfeld—about nothing, but what...[read on]
About Nuts and Buried, from the publisher:
Lindy Blanchard has enough on her hands at her family’s Texas nut farm with her new strain of pecan trees dying. Trouble is, people are dying too. In a nutshell, it’s murder—from the author of Snoop to Nuts…

The Blanchards are invited to the gala event of the season. Lindy’s wealthy friend Eugene Wheatley—who’s just nuts about his new bride—is throwing a party to introduce his wife Jeannie to Riverville, Texas, society. The celebration is in full swing when Eugene is found shot dead.

Jeannie and her unscrupulous kin are the prime suspects, but the Blanchards aren’t convinced. Lindy and her meemaw Miss Amelia have heard just about enough from the local gossips gathering at the Nut House family store to realize that Jeannie needs their help. And when somebody shoots at Lindy during the investigation, things get real personal. Lindy and Miss Amelia are determined to unmask the killer party crasher and shell out some Texas-style justice…
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