Friday, July 19, 2013

What is Andrea Lochen reading?

The current featured contributor at Writers Read: Andrea Lochen, author of The Repeat Year.

Her entry begins:
Ah, summer break! As a college professor who is busy reading and grading student essays and stories nine months out of the year, I like to indulge in fun, decadent page-turners the other three months.

Sometimes I just want a book that makes me feel like I’m on a white-sand beach drinking strawberry daiquiris, and Sophie Kinsella’s novels definitely accomplish that. Her most recent novel Wedding Night is a frolic through the Greek Isles (love!) and the kind of book that makes you snort aloud to yourself, prompting others around you to question your sanity. After a bad breakup, flighty younger sister Lottie does some serious rebounding, and her older sister Fliss is determined to...[read on]
About The Repeat Year, from the publisher:
Everyone has days, weeks, even months they wish they could do over—but what about an entire year? After living through the worst twelve months of her life, intensive care nurse Olive Watson is given a second chance to relive her past and attempt to discover where she went wrong…

After a year of hardships, including a messy breakup with her longtime boyfriend Phil, the prospect of her mother’s remarriage, and heartbreaking patient losses at the hospital, Olive is ready to start fresh. But when she wakes up in her ex-boyfriend’s bed on New Year’s Day 2011—a day she has already lived—Olive’s world is turned upside down.

Shouldering a year of memories that no one else can recall, even Olive begins to question herself—until she discovers that she is not alone. Upon crossing paths with Sherry Witan, an experienced “repeater,” Olive learns that she has the chance to rewrite her future. Given the opportunity of a lifetime, Olive has to decide what she really wants. Should she make different choices, or accept her life as she knows it, flaws and all?
Learn more about the book and author at Andrea Lochen's website and Facebook page.

Writers Read: Andrea Lochen.

--Marshal Zeringue