Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stephanie Hepburn & Rita Simon's "Human Trafficking Around the World," the movie

Now showing at My Book, The Movie: Human Trafficking Around the World: Hidden in Plain Sight by Stephanie Hepburn and Rita Simon.

The entry begins:
Human Trafficking Around the World: Hidden in Plain Sight is non-fiction, but in addition to critical statistics that are necessary for giving as close to an accurate image as possible of the extent of human trafficking in the world, the book is packed full of stories, which to me are the glue and heart of the book. It isn’t just one person’s story that is told. There are many and so I view the book -- in part -- as a compilation of stories of the human trafficking experience all over the world.

Below is a true story that I believe is compelling, heart wrenching and illustrates the strength of the human spirit:

Mani was born a slave in Niger. Traditional slavery (a form of human trafficking) is not uncommon in Niger among minority ethnic groups such as the Toureg, Maure and Peule. At the age of 12 Mani’s master sold her to Naroua as a fifth wife (sadaka), which meant that she was acquired to work as both servant and concubine. She was raped and beaten any time Naroua found her disobedient. Mani, with the help of local attorneys and human rights organizations, exhausted her options in Niger. In fact, one Nigerien judge ruled, improperly, that a freed slave girl is the de facto wife of her master. This...[read on]
Visit Stephanie Hepburn's website, and learn more about Human Trafficking Around the World at the Columbia University Press website.

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--Marshal Zeringue