Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Em Garner's "Contaminated," the movie

The current feature at My Book, The Movie: Contaminated by Em Garner.

Her entry begins:
Contaminated isn’t about zombies. Not really. Connies aren’t the risen undead, but rather our neighbors, teachers, friends and family who had the bad luck to drink contaminated protein water that’s now left them incapable of controlling their violent impulses. Connies don’t feel pain or feel like uncontaminated people, but they’re still human. So, Contaminated is really about how we take care of the people we love, even when they’ve become different from how we knew them.

Velvet Ellis at seventeen is in charge of taking care of her younger sister Opal, and also her mother Malinda, who’s been contaminated but is now released into her daughter’s care. Fitted with a shocking collar that keeps her from becoming violent, Malinda is not supposed to be able to take care of herself in many ways, but she proves otherwise.

For Velvet, I’d love to see Emma...[read on]
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