Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mickey Sumner's 6 best books

Mickey Sumner is the daughter of musician/actor Sting and producer Trudie Styler. She is best-known for playing Francesca in the TV drama The Borgias. Her latest film is Frances Ha.

One of Sumner's six best books, as told to The Daily Express:

This is beautiful and poetic. It's also set in New York where I live. He's just a really great writer.
Read about another book on Sumner's list.

"[McCann] is a weaver in the way that epic story tellers are," writes the novelist Christine Wade. "And he connects the many threads that comprise a day in the not so distant, but distant enough past, to the cloth wrapped around our post 9/11 present. We have been here before and know the place, and are delighted to be here again. Though I barreled through [Let the Great World Spin] to the finish, days later the voices of his cast of characters are still whispering to me as I walk the streets of New York, looking up between the tall buildings to the sky."

--Marshal Zeringue