Saturday, August 27, 2011

What is Meg Gardiner reading?

This weekend's featured contributor to Writers Read: Meg Gardiner, author of The Nightmare Thief.

Her entry begins:
At the moment I'm reading two vastly different books about music. The big, bad, serious nonfiction book is The Rest is Noise, Alex Ross's majestic and incisive history of music in the Twentieth Century. How Ross manages to bring music to life through words amazes me. His research is both encyclopedic and fascinating. Colorful stories -- of affairs, riots, suicides, passion, supermarket rage -- add richness to the narrative. I come from a family of musicians (classical and rock 'n' roll). They've all either read and loved this book, or are lurking, waiting to grab it from my hands.

I'm also reading...[read on]
Among the early praise for The Nightmare Thief:
"A tense, thrill-a-second race against time."
--Daily Mail

"[A] tidal wave of adrenaline."
--People (3 1/2 out of 4 stars)

“The story is as white-knuckled and breathtaking as a season of '24.’"
--Florida Times-Union

"[A] strong thriller... Gardiner really gets the adrenaline pumping."
--Publishers Weekly

"Mystery fans will stay up late reading Gardiner's breathless latest."

"[W]ildly entertaining....there are plenty of surprises as this runaway train of a novel barrels along. With its taut plotting and bleak desert setting, THE NIGHTMARE THIEF is a great summer read, the kind of book you might pull out of your beach bag in the morning and devour by dinner."
Learn more about the author and her work at Meg Gardiner's website and blog.

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