Friday, August 19, 2011

Ten best classic political novels

At the Christian Science Monitor Megan Wasson came up with a list of the ten best classic political novels.

One title on the list:
The Manchurian Candidate, by Richard Condon

This controversial and gripping 1959 novel tells the story of an American POW, brainwashed by the Chinese after being captured in Korea, who is sent home programmed to kill a US presidential candidate. Part science fiction novel, part psychological thriller, The Manchurian Candidate struck a chord when it was published a few years before the JFK assassination, but it's just as horrifying and enthralling today.
Read about another novel on the list.

The Manchurian Candidate also appears among Jonathan Lethem's list of five terrific novels overshadowed by their film versions and Barry Forshaw's top political thrillers.

--Marshal Zeringue