Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tim Pigott-Smith's 6 best books

Tim Pigott-Smith is best known in the UK for roles in the television dramas The Jewel In The Crown, The Chief and The Vice. He also writes The Baker Street Mysteries children’s books.

He named his six best books for the Daily Express. One title on the list:
Bleak House
by Charles Dickens

The most amazing story of injustice. It just gets under my skin, you want to put it right and you can’t. It has wonderfully drawn characters and contains one of my favourite passages: the death of homeless boy Jo. Very moving.
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Bleak House
is one of James McCreet's top ten Victorian detective stories and one of Rebecca Ford's favorite five fiction books. It is on John Mortimer's list of the five best books about law and literature and John Mullan's list of ten of the best men writing as women, and among the top ten works of literature according to Stephen King.

--Marshal Zeringue