Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What is Eytan Kollin reading?

The current featured contributor to Writers Read: Eytan Kollin, co-author of The Unincorporated Man and a teacher of history, government and economics.

An excerpt from his entry:
I’m currently reading three books and just finished the last of Kage Baker's 'Company' novels. I like a series that takes time to develop well and Baker’s was certainly one of them. Of particular interest in the Company novels was its unique take on both time travel and causality and what happens when these seemingly opposing forces bounce off each other. The great thing about any series is continuity of characters and situations because if you’re invested in both you don’t want either to end! Of course I don't feel the need for them to go on forever either (e.g. how many Remo Williams books does a man need to read? – Because I’m thinking the first eighty-seven pretty much gets you the gist). Back to Kage, though; her ten Company novels were each long enough to regret them going away but not so long that I wondered why I soldiered on.[read on]
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Writers Read: Eytan Kollin.

--Marshal Zeringue