Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thirteen books that will change the way you look at robots

io9 editor Annalee Newitz compiled a list of "Thirteen Books That Will Change The Way You Look At Robots."

One title on the list:
Alchemy of Stone, by Ekaterina Sedia

Like Night Sessions, Sedia's novel is also a gamechanger in robot fiction. She's written a beautiful novel set on an alternate world that seamlessly blends science, robot technology, and the magic of alchemy. Her protagonist is a clockwork robot named Mattie whose inventor has allowed her to become an independent alchemist (sort of like a pharmacist) but refuses to hand over the key that winds her motors back up. So she remains dependent on him for her very life. When Mattie becomes involved with a revolutionary who opposes her inventor's political party, her struggle for independence takes on a new dimension.
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The Page 99 Test: The Alchemy of Stone.

--Marshal Zeringue