Thursday, May 14, 2009

Top ten subterranean books

Stephen Smith, a writer, journalist, broadcaster, and the culture correspondent for BBC Newsnight, is the author of several books, including Cuba: Land of Miracles, Underground London, and the newly released Underground England, which "travels the length, breadth and depth of the country in search of wonders both natural and man-made, from smugglers' tunnels to Knights Templar chapels."

For the Guardian, he named his top 10 subterranean books. One title on the list:
The Time Machine by HG Wells

One of the finest works of science fiction set in the subterranean. In the dystopian future imagined by Wells, the Morlocks are a race who lived below ground. In researching my book, I was amazed to find that some of my fellow countrymen have made similar lifestyle choices to the Morlocks. It's no slight on the good people of Wolverley in the West Midlands to say that they're cavemen. There, a des res called Rock House was on the market, carved out of a cliff face and a snip at £25,000.
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--Marshal Zeringue