Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"There Goes My Everything," the movie

The historian Jason Sokol teamed up with playwright-performer Nina Louise Morrison to develop some casting ideas for a feature film adaptation of Sokol's 2006 book, There Goes My Everything: White Southerners in the Age of Civil Rights.

Their treatment opens:
A work of history and scholarship, There Goes My Everything contains within it manifold tales – stories of families, cities, and individuals who experienced massive upheaval in their daily lives. The movie version focuses on one of the many dramatic narratives that the book reveals.

We set our movie in New Orleans, and revolve around the lives of those families impacted by school desegregation. In November, 1960, the Big Easy became the first locale in the Deep South to integrate its schools. This saga unfolded in the now-infamous Ninth Ward.
Read the entire piece at My Book, The Movie.

Visit Sokol's website and read an excerpt from There Goes My Everything.

--Marshal Zeringue