Friday, March 02, 2007

Michael Smith's "Killer Elite"

Michael Smith writes on defense and security issues for the Sunday Times and the New Statesman.

His latest book is Killer Elite: The Inside Story of America's Most Secret Special Operations Team, which he recently put to the Page 69 Test.

Among the reviews of Killer Elite:
'Well written and authoritatively sourced, Killer Elite is the first detailed account of a special operations unit that Smith regards as America's most effective'
--Saul David, Sunday Telegraph

'Smith lives up to his reputation as an expert in his field.'
--Bernard Trink, Bangkok Post

'We have the SAS. The Americans have 'the Activity', a top-secret special operations unit forming and re-forming itself under code-names such as Torn Victor. They are a shadowy body, but Michael Smith tells their story with style and authority.'
--Sally Cousins, Daily Telegraph

'The author writes compellingly and has clearly done his homework. It's hard to put Killer Elite down once you start reading; it will educate, amaze and excite you, mainly because you've heard about most of these missions before – just not in this much detail.'
--John Yialeloglou, Air Force News

'Mike Smith, you have done it again. A superbly researched and written account of the special operations that we know of. Smith has the knack of turning any subject into a 'must read' book'
Col (Rtd) Ray Seymour, Army News (New Zealand)
Read an excerpt from Killer Elite.

Among Smith's other books are the #1 bestseller Station X and Foley: The Spy Who Saved 10,000 Jews, which led to Israeli recognition of Foley as Righteous Among Nations, the same award given to Schindler and Wallenberg.

Last year Michael Smith broke the story on the Downing Street Memo. For several links to reporting on that story, as well as the transcript of an online dialogue with readers, visit this page at the Washington Post.

Keep track of Smith's regular reporting for the Times.

--Marshal Zeringue