Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Slay Ride," the movie

Here's the set-up for Chris Grabenstein's Slay Ride:
Two weeks before Christmas, Scott Wilkinson goes on a routine business trip. The young advertising executive calls for a car service to take him from his home in the New Jersey suburbs to the airport.

But, the driver is late. When he finally shows up, he drives like a maniac — frantically changing lanes, tailgating, narrowly avoiding collisions. Scott feels lucky to reach the airport alive.

Then, he makes a big mistake. He calls the limousine company to complain. Customer service assures him the bad driver will be "dealt with."

But this driver is worse than bad. He is pure evil. Nicolai Kyznetsoff may look and sound like all the anonymous drivers who whisk successful young executives back and forth to the airport all day. But the man behind the wheel of this particular Lincoln Town Car is something much more sinister: a psychotic Santa Claus, an avenging dark angel who will stop at nothing to wreak revenge on the one man he holds responsible for ruining his life.
So who would play Nicolai Kyznetsoff — and the FBI agent who takes him on — in the film version of Slay Ride?

Check out Grabenstein's answer.

--Marshal Zeringue