Thursday, March 08, 2007

"The Anvil of the World," the movie

At the My Book, The Movie site, Kage Baker, author of many science fiction and fantasy novels and stories, develops some casting ideas for the film version of her 2003 fantasy novel, The Anvil of the World:

I wrote The Anvil of the World as a reaction against the heavy-handed serious fantasy of imitators of Tolkien. I thought it might be interesting to feature a principal hero who is a middle-aged nobody rather than an adolescent prince-disguised-as-farmboy or an adolescent girl-who-wants-to-be-a-warrior. The book is something of a triptych, following a varied cast of characters through three adventures: on a caravan across a sparsely-settled continent, in a hotel in a great city where a murder takes place at festival time, and up a river to rescue a damsel in distress as the country hovers on the brink of war.

She's got some great ideas about actors --and a director -- so please click over and give the casting call a look.

--Marshal Zeringue