Friday, March 23, 2007

"The Blue Cheer," the movie

The Blue Cheer is the second novel in Ed Lynskey's "PI Frank Johnson Mystery" series.

Over at My Book, The Movie, Lynskey considers the casting should Hollywood come calling and turn his books into a film.

Here he describes Frank Johnson and looks back to actors from days gone by for the role:
Since my PI books are written in first-person, I haven't devoted a lot of thought or included too much written description on Frank's physical appearance. Given all the jams he winds up in, and the rigors needed to extract himself, I'd say he's fairly young and athletic. If not, perhaps the director would hire a stunt double to film the action sequences.

On the other hand, Frank is something of a pulp novel buff. If using that as a guideline and dipping back in time, I'd tap Ralph Meeker (Kiss Me Deadly) or even further back, Dana Andrews (Laura). The only trouble is these three actors would need to speak with a Southern accent, but then that's why they're actors (and I'm not).
But Lynskey's preferred contemporary actor for the role is someone still very much around; in fact, he's starring in what is sure to be one of the top grossing movies of the weekend. If that hint doesn't put an actor in mind, check out the book cover: I'm sure it's a coincidence, but the guy on the cover looks a bit like Lynskey's choice.

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--Marshal Zeringue