Thursday, March 08, 2007

"The Raw Shark Texts"

There's an interesting review of reviews of Steven Hall's The Raw Shark Texts in the London Times.

The teaser paragraph up top:
This book is searingly hip and much hyped. Translation rights have been sold and rumours of film rights abound, as do tales of Nicole Kidman seeking to star. It does creative things with typefaces, has a cool cover and has no time for linear narrative and other such restrictions. But is it any good?
Read on to see how reviewers Neel Mukherjee of The Times, Sam Leith from The Telegraph, and Matt Thorne from The Independent, weighed in on the question.

And check back here in a couple of weeks to see what I have to say about the book. I've only cracked the covers -- and haven't even checked page 69 or page 99 yet -- but it does look awfully inviting.

--Marshal Zeringue