Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What is Eric Brown reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Eric Brown, author of Murder Take Three: A British Country House mystery.

His entry begins:
I’ve just finished the 1984 crime-suspense novel Cul-de-Sac by John Wainwright, a tour de force of psychological realism and a captivating study of dogged detective work. It’s set in the eighties in West Yorkshire, England, and begins with the diary entry of John Duxbury, the successful owner of a print works. The unreliable narrator charts his unhappiness, his failed marriage, and the eventual death of his wife. The viewpoint then switches to several other characters involved as either witnesses to the death, or investigating the events surrounding it, as it becomes clear that his wife’s fall from a cliff was more than just the accident it first appeared to be. The detective, Harry Harker, solves the crime by...[read on]
About Murder Take Three, from the publisher:
1956. Langham's client is moviestar Suzie Reynard and her lover has been receiving threats. Langham finds the film set awash with resentment and a body is found in the director's trailer. Someone confesses to the murder but Langham is not convinced. He delves into the past and another murder that took place more than twenty years before.
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