Friday, September 08, 2017

Seven great books about badly behaved women

At the BookBub blog Greer Macallister tagged seven very good books about very bad real-life ladies, including:
Becoming Bonnie by Jenni L. Walsh

Dangerous woman: Bonnie Parker

One half of the dangerous duo Bonnie and Clyde, Parker started out as a church-going girl whose life was changed forever by her association with Clyde Barrow. Beginning the story in 1927, Walsh imagines how this deadly partnership came to be — developing a complex young woman struggling to reconcile her wholesome upbringing with her yearning desires in Becoming Bonnie. The sequel, Bonnie, will complete Parker’s tragic story next year.
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The Page 69 Test: Becoming Bonnie.

My Book, The Movie: Becoming Bonnie.

--Marshal Zeringue