Thursday, September 07, 2017

Six top YA retellings of literary classics

At the BN Teen Blog Elodie tagged six top YA retellings of classic tales, including:
The Duke of Bannerman Prep, by Katie A. Nelson

This book is a combination of my two great loves: The Great Gatsby and boarding school stories. Tanner McKay is the newest addition to Bannerman Prep, an elite private institution and a far cry from his former public school. Having been recruited to Bannerman because of his skill as a competitive debater, Tanner hopes this place will be his way up and out—a key to Stanford and a better future. But when Tanner gets partnered up with Andrew Tate, a charming but mysterious party boy everyone calls “the Duke,” he gets caught up in the Duke’s lavish lifestyle. Which is, as it turns out, just one wrong move away from collapsing completely. Whether you hated The Great Gatsby or loved it—or even if all you can remember is something about Daisy, a green light, and the American Dream—you won’t want to put down this smart, well-plotted page-turner for even a second.
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--Marshal Zeringue