Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Five top books about magic

Brad Abraham's new novel is Magicians Impossible.

One of his five top books about magic, as shared at
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Has urban fantasy ever been as groundbreaking (or influential) as Neil Gaiman’s modern classic Neverwhere? Its DNA is etched into everything from Harry Potter to Fables. What makes Neverwhere such a seminal work is its juxtaposition of gods and goddesses, ancient beasts, and hidden societies against the seemingly mundane travails of one Richard Mayhew, recently transplanted from Scotland to London, who stops and helps a bleeding and distressed young woman on a dark street. This act of kindness plunges Richard into the magical realm of London Below, and into the middle of a battle between angels and devils, with the fate existence hanging in the balance. Gaiman took the themes of his groundbreaking Sandman comic book series and expanded on them here first, and kick started a genre in the process.
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--Marshal Zeringue