Sunday, September 24, 2017

Five top dark romances for adventurous readers

At B&N Reads Amanda Diehl tagged five gritty and twisted dark romances for adventurous readers, including:
Asking for It, by Lilah Pace

Vivienne Charles has overcome a devastating moment of trauma and is now living a pretty average life as an graduate student. There’s just one problem: her sex life. She remains constantly unfulfilled save for the rape fantasies she hides from her previous partners. When she meets mysterious Jonah Marks at a party, she’s stunned to find that he’ll help her with her fantasies. In a no-strings-attached arrangement, Viv and Jonah begin an affair there’s no coming back from, until Jonah discovers the source of Viv’s desires. Bonus points for scenes where Viv visits her therapist in an effort to make sense of her conflicting history versus sexual needs.
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--Marshal Zeringue