Sunday, November 20, 2016

What is Ashley Weaver reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Ashley Weaver, author of A Most Novel Revenge: A Mystery.

Her entry begins:
I’m currently reading Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. I bought the book before I succumbed to Broadway’s Hamilton craze, but having fallen in love with the musical I finally picked up the book and started reading. I’m still in the early stages of the 700+ page biography, but I’m already captivated. The wonderful writing and the non-stop dynamism of the subject are putting this book on course to be one of my favorites of...[read on]
About A Most Novel Revenge, from the publisher:
“Well, darling, who do you suppose will turn up dead this time?”

With two murder investigations behind them and their marriage at last on steady ground, Amory and Milo Ames intend to winter quietly in Italy. The couple finds their plans derailed, however, when Amory receives an urgent summons to the English countryside from her cousin Laurel. At Lyonsgate, the country house of Laurel’s friend Reginald Lyons, Amory and Milo are surprised to discover an eccentric and distinguished group of guests have also been invited, led by the notorious socialite Isobel Van Allen.

After years of social exile, Isobel has returned to England to write a sequel to her scandalous first book, the thinly fictionalized account of a high society murder at the very country house to which the Ameses have been called. Her second incriminating volume, she warns the house’s occupants—all of whom were present when one of their companions was killed years ago—will tell everything that really happened that fateful night. But some secrets are meant to stay buried, and when a desperate person turns to murder, it’s up to Amory and Milo to sort through a web of scandal and lies to uncover the truth, and the identity of a killer.
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Writers Read: Ashley Weaver.

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