Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Five of the best books with giant monsters

Shawn Pryor is a writer and the creator of the all-ages graphic novel series Cash & Carrie. One of his five favorite books with giant monsters, as shared at Tor.com:
Project Nemesis by Jeremy Robinson

That’s No Sassy Sasquatch, That’s a Kaiju, FOOL!

The first in a series of books by Robinson, Nemesis deals with Jon Hudson, an anti-Fox Mulder character that works for a special department in Homeland Security that deals strictly with supernatural or paranormal threats to America. Constantly dealing with false sightings and other queries, Jon feels that his job is the purest of jokes but once he gets sent out to check a possible Sasquatch sighting up north, he then finds a danger that grows into a deadly, dominant kaiju that is hell-bent on ultimate destruction.

Project Nemesis also has a great character in Ashley Collins, the sheriff that teams up with Jon as they attempt to put together the clues necessary to learn the history of Nemesis. I was glad to see that she could hold her own in a fight and was far from helpless or being a damsel in distress.

And because Robinson has a tendency to switch perspectives to a multitude of characters in the book, sometimes we even get the kaiju’s destructive point of view, which is really fantastic.
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--Marshal Zeringue